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Lawyers for Good Governance (LGG) has been operating since 2014 to advance good governance and integrity in government authorities, particularly in local governance.

LGG primarily operates in the legal arena, initiating dozens of legal proceedings annually to address deficiencies in the work of local authorities, including illegal tenders and contracts, flawed appointments, and measures to strengthen oversight and watchdog functions

Since its establishment, LGG brought about the manning of previously-vacant key positions in local government, the cancellation of numerous appointments and candidates not meeting threshold conditions. Lawsuits filed by LGG have led to the annulment of unlawful contracts worth tens of millions of NIS. Legal actions have been further taken in areas such as business licensing, enforcement of local ordinances, tax collection, asset declarations, and the activities of the local council and the authority’s different committees. Additionally, LGG works to promote transparency in the work of local authorities and to strengthen the status of council members.

In addition to its legal activities, LGG conducts training sessions and workshops for public representatives in local government, social activists, and youth on matters of good governance. It operates in the field of education to promote awareness of the dangers of governmental corruption and to encourage civic discourse. LGG publishes research and position papers on issues relevant to its activities.

For over a decade, LGG has been an exclusive address for public representatives in local governance, assisting them in exercising their rights and providing cost-free representation in legal proceedings. It also serves as a platform for public complaints regarding corrupt practices, deficiencies, and violations of proper administrative principles while maintaining the anonymity of whistleblowers. In 2022, LGG was awarded the Speaker of the Knesset’s Quality of Life Prize for its contribution to promoting the rule of law, democratic values, and protection of human rights.

LGG Staff

Attorney Nidal Hayek
CEO and Founder

Attorney Rimaz Khatib

Attorney Mohammad Kadah

Attorney Itai Zoref

Attorney Yarden Van Spier

Attorney Manar Huessiny

Jwana Musallam

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